Gunung Lambak Trip + Itinerary Guide For First-Timers



Gunung Lambak Trip Guide

One of the wishes in my bucket list is to one day climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.

Hence, I would grab any opportunity to climb other smaller mountains as part of my training regime towards my main goal.

Gunung Lambak which is located in Kluang, Johor is one of the nearest mountains from Singapore.

The peak of the mountain stands at a height of 510 meters (approx. 1673 ft).

It was a really great experience for me and you should try it too!

Here, I would share all that you need to know about climbing Gunung Lambak.

What You Need To Know About Climbing Gunung Lambak

Halfway To Peak Of Mount Lambak

Here are some pointers that will guide you through before your climb at Gunung Lambak:

  • Gunung Lambak has been developed as a recreational park
  • Gunung Lambak has two peaks (the lower peak stands at 470 meters whereas the highest peak is at 510 meters)
  • No admission fee nor permit is required to climb Gunung Lambak.
  • Gunung Lambak level of difficulty – Moderate (if you have climbed hills like Broga and Pulai, then this would be a good step up)
  • First part of the trail before you hit the jungle treks is fairly easy as it is paved with concrete road and is not very steep.
  • Second part of the trail is the start of the jungle trek and it consists of a clear pathway of steps and railings to guide you upwards until you reach to the mid-section.
  • The last part of the hike from the mid-section will definitely challenge your fitness level as the path is steep with soil and tree roots as your stepping ground.
  • There are trails leading to the lower peak, highest peak, telecom satellite tower and the Big Tree
  • Starting Point: From Gunung Lambak Water Park at the foot of the mountain and from the rear hill which leads to the Telecom Towers
  • Gunung Lambak Hike Time: The whole process of ascending and descending the climb to the summit would take approximately 4-5 hours
  • Carpark is located at the foot of the mountain.
  • Toilets are available at the foot of the mountain for hikers to clean up or change after descending.


Gunung Lambak Day Trip Itinerary

This is an example of a Day Trip Itinerary from Singapore to Gunung Lambak.

6:30 am – Depart (location of your choice if you are taking a private taxi). Breakfast at Kluang.

10:00 am – Arrive at Gunung Lambak (Introduction and Safety Briefing by Gunung Lambak Guide)

Gunung Lambak johor

10:15 am – Start Hiking

12:45 pm – Reach Peak of Gunung Lambak. Have your snacks/lunch, relax and take photos.

2:00 pm – Start Descending

View From Mount Lambak

4:30 pm – Arrived at foot of mountain. Clean up and change.

4:45 pm – Depart to a mall in Kluang for shopping and dinner

7:45 pm – Depart to Singapore

10:45 pm – Arrive in Singapore

Note: Time and duration given are just an estimation (highly depending on traffic condition as well as total hiking time needed)

Gunung Lambak Map

To have an idea where is Gunung Lambak, check out the map below:

Where To Stay Near Gunung Lambak

1. Kluang TOHO Home Stay

For a cosy, clean and comfortable feel type of accommodation, Kluang TOHO Home Stay is the right choice for you.

It consists of two units of 2-storey buildings with spacious living halls and garden.

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Distance From Gunung Lambak: 6km (approx. 10 minutes drive)

Kluang TOHO Home Stay Living Room

Hotel Highlight:

  • Landed Residential Building
  • Many Bedrooms (but mostly shared bathrooms)
  • Spacious Living Hall
  • Well Maintained and Spacious Garden
  • Free Car Park

Kluang TOHO Home Stay Room

Good To Know:

  • They also cater to group activities (eg: Team Building)
Kluang TOHO Home Stay
Location: 58 & 60, Jalan Sri Jaya, Taman Sri Jaya, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6012-757 3088
Email: [email protected]

2. Hana House

Hana House is located in a nice residential area with four en suite rooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Distance From Gunung Lambak: 5km (approx. 8 minutes drive)

Price Starting From: SGD124/ RM380 per night

Hana House

Hotel Highlight:

  • Nearby restaurants and shops
  • All En Suite Rooms
  • Flat screen TV
  • A fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • WiFi

Good To Know:

  • Suitable for family
  • Returnable security deposit of RM100 will be charged.
  • Common park with playground is available


Mommy Guest House is another guest house which offers a comfortable stay for up to 10 guests.

Distance From Gunung Lambak: 5km (approx. 8 minutes drive)

Price Starting From: SGD115/ RM350 per night

Mommy Guest House Living Room

Hotel Highlight:

  • Nearby restaurants and shops
  • All En Suite Rooms
  • Flat screen TV
  • Fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • WiFi

Mommy Guest House Room

Good To Know:

  • Pets are ALLOWED (upon request )
  • Suitable for family (Master room fits two adults and two children)
  • Common park with playground
Mommy Guest House
Location: 29, Jalan Indah 2/5, Taman Kluang, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6019-758 1142
Email: [email protected]

4. Ichihome Homestay

This homestay provides you with a clean and comfy stay for up to 9-10 guests.

Distance From Gunung Lambak: 5km (approx.8 minutes drive)

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Price Starting From: SGD124/ RM380 per night

Ichihome Kluang Homestay Living Room

Hotel Highlight:

  • Nearby restaurants and shops
  • All En Suite Rooms
  • Flat Screen TV
  • A fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • WiFi

Ichihome Kluang Homestay Room

Good To Know:

  • Host is friendly and ready to answer any of your enquiries
  • A returnable security deposit of RM150 will be charged.
  • Common park with playground
Ichihome Homestay
Location: 62, Jln Kluang Indah 2/4, Taman Kluang, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6019-765 4055

Where To Eat Near Gunung Lambak

1. Golden Bowl Kopitiam Kluang (绿园凤城美食阁)

This is a great place to have your morning breakfast with that good coffee kick before you start your hiking expedition or even to explore Kluang itself.

Golden Bowl Kopitiam Kluang Highlights:

  • Opens as early as 6:00am!
  • Serves good coffee
  • Variety of food (eg. Soft boiled eggs with toasts, roti canai, pre-packed Nasi Lemak, soup noodles, wan tan mee, etc)

Location: 8, Jalan Indah 1/1, Taman Kluang, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: Daily: 6:00am – 5:00pm
Closed on: Tuesday

2. Restoran Chua Seng (绿园泉成咖啡店)

Another great place to grab your breakfast and lunch is at Restoran Chua Seng which hosts many variety of delicious Kluang food.

Restoran Chua Seng

Restoran Chua Seng Highlights:

  • Special toast using crispy brown skin buns spread with fragrant brown sugar kaya and butter.
  • Hakka Yong Tau Fu
  • Chicken Curry Noodle
  • Chee Cheong Fun

Location: 4, Jalan Indah 1/2, Taman Kluang, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Daily: 7:00am – 3:00pm
Closed On: Monday
Note: There is another branch of Restoran Chua Seng located at Jalan Tembikai, Kluang and they open daily from 6:00am – 11:00pm, closed on Monday

3. Melody Cake & Café

You can grab the pastries and baked goods here for your breakfast or tea breaks.

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Melody Cake & Café Highlights:

  • Reasonably priced cake, bread and pastries

Location: 15, Jalan Indah 1/1, Taman Kluang Indah, Kluang, 86000 Johor, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: Daily: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Closed on: Wednesday

4. Kedai Makanan Bin Saing

Another nearby eatery place that you can go for your breakfast or lunch is in this simple kopitiam.

Kedai Makanan Bin Saing Highlights:

  • Chinese Food
  • Good Coffee and Tea

If you have the time, do explore further for Kluang famous food!

For more recommendations on what food to eat in Kluang, you can click here 13 Best Local Food In Kluang.

Gunung Lambak Related FAQs

1. Are there any facilities for me to wash up after my hike?

There are very basic toilets located at the foot of the mountain for you to have a quick clean up and shower (no proper hot showers installed).

2. What to pack for Gunung Lambak?

It is good to bring along the following items with you:-

  • Backpack
  • Water (at least 1 litre bottle)
  • Wear good hiking/sports shoes
  • Wear light and quick dry t-shirt with preferably long pants
  • Snacks or light packed food (especially if you will be up there during lunch hours)
  • Raincoat
  • A small towel to wipe the sweat

3. What is the difficulty level of climbing Gunung Lambak? I have no experience and afraid that I can’t keep up with my group?

The level of difficulty is MODERATE. Anyone with an average fitness level would be able to climb Gunung Lambak.

You do not need to have any experience to climb Gunung Lambak and the best thing about climbing in a group is that you will get the support that you need.

Just remember that you are there to enjoy yourself and do not be scared to get dirty by using your hands or knees during the climb.

If you have any experience in shorter or easier hikes, this would be a good climb for you (enough to push you to the next level).

4. What do I do if it rains along the hike?

Be prepared with the following items (in case of rain):

  • Wear a good hiking/trekking shoes (grip is stronger on steep and muddy terrains)
  • Wear a light fast dry t-shirt
  • Bring along a raincoat
  • Bring along a waterproof backpack or a plastic sheet to cover up your backpack
  • Slow down the pace of your hike especially at steep slopes

5. Who can climb Gunung Lambak?

ANYONE! From children to elderly.

To be more accurate, it is for anyone with a moderate level of fitness (the elderly that climbs this mountain are mostly regulars with good fitness level)

If you have any health issues, do consult your doctor before this climb.

6. Will it be too hot if I climb during the afternoon?

No. The rainforest shades you from the sun most of the way and hence it doesn’t feel hot.

7. Are there any resting areas along the climb?

There are shelters at mid-way and at the summit (it takes about less than an hour to reach the shelter at mid-way point)

8. Do I need to bring along a mosquito or insect repellent?

There is no such need as there are rarely any cases of insect bites. If you want, you can always wear a long sleeve top with long trek pants.

The only animal I would be wary about is the cheeky little monkeys that might take their chances to grab your food.


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