27 Things To Do In Mount Austin Water Park (Austin Height Water Theme Park)



Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park in Johor Bahru

Mount Austin Water Park: Launched on 19th December 2015, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is one of the must-see destinations in Johor Bahru.

It is popular water park located in Mount Austin area.

Local people called it as Mount Austin Water Park.

It features waterpark, adventure park and sports & leisure park.These parks offer you the wildest summer experiences you can ever have in Malaysia.Perfect for family holidays and friends gatherings, it’s an inviting place where you can spend quality bonding time with your loved ones.

You’ll never get bored in here as it offers too much. Let’s explore Mount Austin place together!

How To Go To Mount Austin Water Park

Singapore to Mount Austin Water Park By Private Car

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Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Austin Height Water Park (Mount Austin Water Park)

1. “Hola-Flora”TOTs Play Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Hola-Flora TOTs Play) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Take pleasure in this creative spray park especially when the weather is hot. Specifically designed for tots, this spray park will keep your children cool with the spraying and squirting of water from numerous colourful water showers.

Splashing around with other kids, your little ones will burst into giggles. Definitely a safe and fun place for children. Suitable for all ages.

2. Splash World Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Splash World) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Sprinkles, slides, tube slides and “heavy rains” from bucket located on top have made up this fantastic Splash World. It’s always the children’s all time favourite as happiness and fun are the only things that exist in this magical place.

By offering incredible fun, you can hear the kids screaming in excitement from distance. Quick, bring your little ones here to enjoy unlimited splashtastic fun!

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3. Supersurf Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Supersurf) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Challenge your friends and family to race on this high speed slide with 6 racing lanes.

You need to ride on a mat with your head plunging into the track. Started off at an extremely high location, the first racer crossing the finish line with a cool splash landing will be the champion of this thrilling race. The race will have you screaming in fun.

4. Yellow Wall Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Yellow Wal) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Indeed one of the most thrilling slides they offer to you. It projects you high up to a giant slide after soaring through individual slides at full speed. At the giant slide, you will experience zero gravity with its intense steep slope.

Control directions by gliding yourself left or right or else you might find yourself dropping only at the edge of the big yellow wall.

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5. Rainbow Hood Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Rainbow Hood) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Get ready for an incredible ride. Feel your adrenaline rush as the slide takes you for loops in the dark at pulse-pounding speed.

You will experience the fun of twisting and turning and even indulge in the rotary-rainbow effect throughout the ride. At the end, the ride will send you plunging down to Lazy River in a dazzled state.

6. G-Force Alley Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (G-Force Alley) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Experience short moments of “flying” in the air. This long air tube features numerous curves that will throw you high up and later crash you down along the ride.

The “G” stands for gravity, which simply means that this alley renders you the sensation of zero gravity. A kindly reminder: Be prepared for exhilarating ups and downs!

7. Uphill Battle Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Uphill Battle) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Pick a partner and hold on tight! Simply sit on an edgeless tube and let the journey begins. The slide will have you gliding in excitement and cheering and screaming with fun. It raises your heartbeat like no other slide can offer to you. Perform stunts while sliding your way – if you dare.

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8. Racer Bowl Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Racer Bowl) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Begins with a fully enclosed chute that slides you down, you will be entering an extremely huge bowl at full speed.

After spinning and spiralling around the bowl for several turns, it takes you blasting through a narrow tube which is the exit of the bowl. Similar to all of the slides, you will experience a splash landing but with a slower speed this time.

9. Austin Wave Pool Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Austin Wave Pool) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Catch ocean-like waves at the Austin Wave Pool, a giant sized pool that offers no end fun to all. A simulated wave system is designed to produce different wave patterns to entertain you all.

All ages can grab a tube and share the same excitement. For safety, non-swimmers and children should be attended by adults.

10. Lazy River Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Lazy River) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Grab a tube and hop on to the Lazy River. Here, you are allowed to be lazy and carefree where no other place can offer you the same sensation. You will be floating around, enjoying the sunshine and let all your stresses float away. Sitting in the tubes and guided by gentle current, everyone finds this slow motion river a relaxing and pleasant activity.

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11. Tropical Cabana Mount Austin Water Park

Water Park (Tropical Cabana) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

If you feel hungry in the parks, head to Tropical Cabana for meals. It opens all day long and awaits you to appetizing examples of dishes. The environment is specifically designed for a gentle relaxation.

Reserve a seat in this restaurant and you need not to queue up for meals. BBQ area is provided for quality bonding time.

12. Summer Breeze Bar Mount Austin Water Park

Whatever interesting activities you’ve filled your day with, here is a place that you can refresh yourself. Besides being a shady spot that offers cool refreshment, the friendly bartenders can entertain the patrons while serving the drinks. Techno music are played to create a relaxing ambience. Simply quench your thirst before you continue your adventure in the parks.

13. Groundbreaker Rock Venue Mount Austin Water Park

Where can you find music blends into nature perfectly? The answer is Groundbreaker Rock Venue! Located beside wave pool, it’s ready to rock out concerts and parties at night. The spotlights and unique concert’s lightning create an elegant and wonderful ambience to entertain the concert goers. Come, let’s scream, shout and cheer for your favourite idols here.

14. Mini Bite Food Cart

Snack carts can be found in different spots of the parks. Fully stocked at all time, it supplies wide array of yummy goodies at affordable price. Anytime can be your snack time and the snack time could be your best time of the day. Simply stop by the cart for a quick bite. After that, keep going on with your adventure.

Austin Heights Adventure Park

Adventure Park at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

1. Zip line & Super Zip line

Zip line has a cable mounted on slope and a pulley suspended on it. Hold the lanyard provided tightly and enjoy sliding down the slope in excitement.

2. Tunnel Crossing

Setting high off to the ground, the tunnel offers a thrilling experience for users to crawl through. Don’t be afraid as there is a lifeline attached as you crawl through it.

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3. Rope Trapeze

Rope Trapeze, series of U-shaped hanging ropes, is ready to test your balancing skills. In order to cross the rope, step on each rope carefully and balance yourself well by holding the ropes tightly.

4. Jamor Crossing

In Jamor Crossing, you’ll find series of logs tied firmly to the railings with ropes. By holding the green line railing on both sides, step on the logs carefully or else you may fall.

5. Pnotta Bridge

Single rope is the bridge that you need to cross over. Bring yourself over by stepping on the rope. A lifeline is attached on you and you may put your hands on it.

6. Pirate Crossing

Pirate Crossing has a mesh of net hanging in the air. Cross net by climbing over step by step with your hands in the nets. Lifeline is attached on you.

7. Needwood Crossing

You are required to cross the boards of woods arranged apart from each other. Hold tightly to the green lines on either side to cross the woods.

8. Half Criss Crossing

Half Criss Crossing boasts numerous planks arranged in a narrow path. The user is needed to cross the planks with their hands grasping the green line railing on both sides.

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9. Half Tic Tac Toe

Cross the Tic Tac Toe shape-liked planks which are arranged in the order of either left or right. With your body attached to lifeline and hands on green lines on sides, you can cross the planks safely.

10. Small U

With your hands on the lifeline which is attached on you, cross the narrow net folded into U shape carefully. You’ll be enclosed by the nets.

Austin Heights Sport & Leisure Park

1. Tropical “Ice-Skating” Rink

Sport & Leisure Park (Ice-Skating Rink) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Have you ever dream of ice-skating? Tropical Ice-Skating Ring can make your dream come true. Experience ice-skating first hand and explode your wildness to slide on the ice. All ages can share the same excitement. However, for amateur, beware of falling countless times.

2. Drift in Austin

Sport & Leisure Park (Drift In Austin) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Is it thrilling to watch professional drifting? We all know that it’s way too cool! Now, Drift in Austin offers brand new M7 Drift, a fast go-kart for you all. In here, you can drift all the way you want.

3. Jump Street

Sport & Leisure Park (Jump Street) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Jump Street is a large-scare trampoline park where everyone can jump as high as they want. This indoor trampoline centre is available for several activities, such as dodge ball and slam dunk. It offers you gravity-defying experience which shouldn’t be missed out!

Tips for Visitor Fun

  • Locker can be rent for full day.
  • No food is allowed in waterpark. There is canteen to satisfy your tummy.
  • Hide the GoPro as staff will stop you down.
  • It takes 5 minutes’ walk from Prince33 Hotel to Austin Heights Water Adventure Park
  • Check for promotions and latest updates at www.funtime.my

Austin Height Water Theme Park Ticket Prices

Austin Water Theme Park Ticket Price

Adult: RM80/pax (120cm and above)
Child: RM70/pax (120cm and below)
Senior Citizen (Aged 60 & Above): RM70/pax
Toddler: RM12/pax (below 3 years old)

Adventure Park Ticket Price

7 Loops with 51 elements: RM80/pax (140cm & Above)
Companion Pass: RM12/pax

Combo (Water Park + Adventure Park)

One Day Pass: RM150/pax (Adult)
Annual Pass: RM488/pax (Adult)

Jump Street at Austin Heights

Admission Price: RM25/hour (exclude grip socks)
Grip Socks: RM5

Drift in Austin

Admission Price: RM25 (only 10 minutes)

Skating Rink at Austin Heights

Entry Price: RM25/pax (exclude skates rental, socks & gloves)
Skates Rental: RM5

Ticket info: funtime.my/tickets

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park Info
Address: No. 71, Jalan Austin Heights 8/1, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6019 – 716 3183 / +607 – 360 3000


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