Top 11 Eco Parks & Farms In Johor (Perfect For Family Trip)


11 Eco Parks & Farms in Johor

11 Eco Parks & Farms in Johor

Planning a trip to enjoy Johor attractions soon?

Are you looking for a short weekend getaways from Singapore to experience some natures?

Want a different kind of vacation?

Did you know that Johor is really famous for numerous eco-parks and beautiful nature?

Yes! There are 11 different eco-parks and eco farms in Johor that are considered the best for you to visit and offer you an unforgettable vacation.

So, maybe it’s time to visit one of them?

In fact, there are even eco-farms set up where you can interact with wildlife, hike, pick fruit and even see ostriches!

All eco-parks and farms are easily accessible from Singapore.

An eco-park tour package may be just what you need to break out of the ordinary!

From simple day-trips to overnight stays tours and hands-on experiences, the Eco tour has something for every budget.

And in today’s post, I’m going to share with you all about eco parks & farms in Johor.

Here’s the list of post content:


Info: Contact us to find out more about the transportation to visit any of these Eco Parks In Johor


Eco Farm in Kluang, Johor

1. Kluang UK Farm

Within so many Kluang attraction, UK Farm Kluang is known as Malaysia’s largest goat and sheep farm. With over 100 acres of untouched land and 4000 sheep, it’s a perfect place to unite with nature.

The farm is situated in the southern state of Johor and is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry of Malaysia.

UK Farm Kluang (Goat)

What Can You See In UK Farm Kluang?

The main aim of this place is to provide visitors both an authentic and modern experience of visiting a self-sufficient integrated farm, where the most modern techniques in goat and sheep rearing are practiced.

Horse Carte Service at UK Farm Kluang

UK Farm Kluang is a perfect destination if you want to escape from the hectic urban lifestyle and enjoy different pleasant activities that are not available in the city.

Also, this place is a real treasure for sick and tired people, small children and those, who love nature but don’t have much time to enjoy it. Always dreamed about a house in a village and a simple lifestyle? It’s the right place to make your dreams come true!

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UK Farm Kluang Facilities

Along with the sheep farm, there are 15 acres of passion fruit plantation and an on-site passion fruit manufacturing station including other facilities:
• UK restaurant, cafe, and beer area;
• farm mart;
• conference room;
• chalet;
• dormitory;
• barbeque area;
• open stage,
• campsite and karaoke.


UK Farm Kluang Tour Packages

1. Entrance fee
The 3-hours tour in a minibus will be guided by an experienced guide, who will show feedstock processing factory, sheep pens, goat milk processing center, Ostrich Park, Jakun village, fruit farm, nursery, mushroom and vegetable farm. The meal is excluded.

2. Farm tour package
Traveling in the real horse carte, you will visit goat pens, goat milk processing center, Ostrich Park, Jakun village, fruit farm, nursery, mushroom and vegetable farm. The duration of the tour is 2 hours. Again no meal is included.

3. Primary school or kindergarten package
Guided by a local guide, kids will see feedstock processing factory, sheep pens, goat milk processing center, Ostrich Park, Jakun village, fruit farm, nursery, mushroom and vegetable farm. The healthy snack and buffet lunch are included. The tour is 3 hours long.

4. Chalet or dormitory farm stay
You can stay here more than a day: choose a longhouse-style chalet or open dormitory and enjoy such activities, like farm tour, archery, and flying lanterns. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea break and dinner are included.

UK Farm Kluang View

UK Farm Kluang History

This farm complex was established in 2003 just with 2 acres of land. It took a little more than 10 years to make this place looks like nowadays. From the small ordinary farm, it became an amusement complex, a land of untouched nature and a great resort. But along with all these leisure farm tours and peaceful resort, it’s still a real farm.

Kluang UK Farm Is Specialized In:

• production of fresh goat’s milk;
• goat’s meat;
• sheep breeding;
• Produce passion fruit juices, preserved, jam, concentrate, and tarts.

How To Go To UK Farm Kluang

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Singapore to reach Kluang UK Farm & Resort. The farm is situated in the southern state of Johor, in Kluang.

On the farm’s website, you will find the detailed map and GPS coordinates (N02 01.109; E103 13.117) if you have your own car. Even if you are not, it’s also not a problem! Since there is no public transport going there, the easiest way is to use SGMYTAXI private car service – it’s the shortest possible travel time at the lowest cost.

Address: Plot 8, Project Pertanian Moden Kluang, KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact/Whatsapp: +6012-7569189
Email: [email protected]
UK Farm Kluang Entrance Fee: RM30/pax


2. Zenxin Organic Farm

*The premier name in organic produce
Zenxin Organic Farm is not only the organic farm but also the most popular destination for schools in southern Malaysia, has a lot to offer to their visitors. Zenxin is Malaysia’s leading producer, distributor, and retailer of organic produce.

Since 2001, Zenxin has been a trusted source for organically-grown vegetables and fruits. Later they opened tours for adults and children who like the idea of organic products, untouched nature, and beauty around us. Both modern and classic farm provides all this and even more!

Zenxin Organic Farm

Products of Zenxin Organic Farm

• organic vegetables;
• tropical fruits;
• simple natural food (mushrooms, sugar, beans, different seasonings and much more);
• organic brown rice;
• organic compost for farms.

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Zenxin Organic Park

Farm Tour at Zenxin Organic Farm

Zenxin Organic Park is the first open organic farm in Malaysia, combining educational and recreational purposes. Here you can:
• explore the nature on your own: on foot or by bicycle;
• enjoy a guided park tour (upon reservation, minimum 20 people);
• experience real country life;
• enjoy harvest;
• take part in special programs and different activities (such as visiting a greenhouse area, dragon fruit farm, restaurant, farm mart, and a flower nursery, fish catching, tasting organic tropical fruits and doing some green shopping).

How To Get To Zenxin Organic Farm

If you don’t want to be lost (which is a possible variant!) the simplest way is to go by car, by taxi (expensive) or hire a car private service.

Address: Plot 47A & 47B, Batu 9, Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor.
Contact: +607-759 5196 / +6019-773 8985
Fax: +607-759 5193
Email: [email protected]


Eco Farm In Desaru, Johor

3. Desaru Ostrich Farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm is home to more than 300 of ostriches which are separated into different areas according to their ages. There are also other animals housed in the farm such as monkeys, chickens, and ratites.

Desaru Ostrich Farm

As you enter the farm, you will be led by a tour guide. The guide will explain everything regarding the facts of the ostrich to visitors. Visitors can even approach the ostriches personally.

Buy the tickets at the counter and enjoy the close moments with ostriches.

Activity In Desaru Ostrich Farm

  • See how to hatch an ostrich.
  • Feed ostrich.
  • Ride on an ostrich (only for children).
  • Step on ostrich egg to test the shell’s hardness.
  • Enjoy ostrich food such as ostrich satay, ostrich burger, and ostrich egg omelet.
  • Buy souvenirs such as ostrich eggshell lamp and bags, wallets and shoes manufactured from meat and skin of ostrich.

Ostrich Facts

  • Life span- 30-40 years.
  • Ostrich egg can withstand more than 100kg load.
  • Adult male ostrich has darker feather than female.
  • Ostrich meat tastes like beef.
  • Ostrich’s fats are used to make ointments.

How To Get To Desaru Ostrich Farm

Troubled by how to go to ostrich farm? SGMYtaxi is your solution. With well-maintained fleets offered, you will arrive at the farm safely. They guarantee a hassle-free and comfortable ride from Singapore to Desaru Ostrich Farm.

Address: EMR 15, Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +607-826 5846
Ticket price: RM15 (Adult), RM10 (Children)


4. Desaru Fruit Farm

180 acres of tropical land will bring you joy, peace, and happiness. Use all your 5 senses to feel the nature around you, try different activities and give your kids a real fairy tale and unique experience they will never forget!


What Can You Do In Desaru Fruit Farm?

The memorable journey will start with a guided farm tour, natural tropical fruit land, visit the agricultural gallery, fish pond and vegetables, and herbs garden. Children also will see the Petting Zoo and have an educational talk on bees and the real opportunity to taste local raw honey. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are fully included.

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Moreover, you can book and buy ferry tickets and enjoy a trip from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal.

Desaru Fruit Farm Day Tour Packages

1. One Day Tour:

  • tropical fruit land;
  • bee farm;
  • seafood dinner;
  • ostrich farm;
  • tropical fruits fiesta.

2. Fruit Farm Tour with fruit packet.
3. Dirt kart ride;
4. Seafood lobster dinner;
5. Paintball war game;
6. Desaru day tour with Marcus Chin and SAA.

Desaru Fruit Farm One Day Tour

How To Go To Desaru Fruit Farm

If you are afraid of any kinds of troubles, the best way is to book a hassle-free private transfer to Desaru Fruit Farm from different locations like Sebala, Senai Airport or Johor Bahru.

To take a taxi will be an expensive choice and transfer is a great decision for a big company, especially with a lot of small children. For a few people, the perfect way to get there is to take a car or hire a private car service.

Address: No 1, Sungai Cemaran, Desaru, 81930 Kota Tinggi, Johor Darul Takzim
Contact: +607-830 8017 / +607-822 3886 /+607-822 5886


5. Koref Desaru Lesuire Farm

KOREF Desaru Leisure Farm is located at the famous beach, Desaru, at the south of Malaysia, is an organic eco-tourism resort managed and owned by Mr. Tan- who also owned Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm.

With more than 10 years of experience in ecotourism, this leisure farm not only educates about nature and farming but also provide fun-filled activities for friends and family.

Koref Desaru Leisure Farm Activities

Activities in KOREF Desaru 

Toss your smartphones and other electronic gadgets away as they offer various range of activities that will keep you entertained at this leisure farm. Here are the few popular activities that are bound to excite you!

  1. Rice harvesting
  2. Garden harvesting
  3. Jungle trekking
  4. Bamboo Rafting
  5. Water obstacles challenge
  6. Boating and fishing in the lake
  7. Flying fox

Koref Desaru Leisure Farm

KOREF Desaru Accommodations 

There are 3 types of accommodations you can choose from:

  • Treehouse
  • Camping
  • Dormitory

Accommodation prices:
3D2N for MYR371 (3-4 people per room)
2D1N for MYR225 (3-4 people per room)

How To Get To KOREF Desaru Leisure Farm

It isn’t too difficult to find direction to the leisure farm. if you drive on your own, it is best to download the mp or you can follow the simple instruction from Waze apps.

Aside from that, you can ride a bus, or if you prefer a more relaxed and less hassle trip, hire the private car service.

The SGMYTAXI is a private car that provides convenience and affordable transport to KOREF Desaru Leisure Farm. Not to mention, the driver can pick you up from your desired pick-up point and straight to the farm without the need of getting off at the immigration centre.

Address: 213, 81930 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6012-768 3149


Eco Farm in Pontian, Johor

6. Sinar Eco Resort

This resort is located in Pekan Nenas in Johor state. It is surrounded by an estate of oil palm giving the best atmosphere to let your worries go and a beautiful place to tour. The very beautiful resort is only an hour drive from Johor Bahru city.

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Sinar Eco Resort in Pekan Nenas, Pontian

Image Credits: Sinar Eco Resort FB

It is a resort that gives an eco-stay, peaceful and comfy place with cosy rooms.  Besides that, it also offers amazing meals with both Asian and western cuisines.

Sinar Eco Resort Accommodation

There are 4 types of rooms you can select. So far you can only choose the first 2 types of the room as Classic 2 and 3 room still in planning.

  1. Nature Breeze Queen Room
  2. Deluxe Gold Luxury Container
  3. Classic 2 Room Apartment (Coming Soon)
  4. Classic 3 Room Apartment (Coming Soon)
Sinar Eco Resort Room View

Image Credits: Sinar Eco Resort FB

Activities in Sinar Eco Resort

Apart from the amazing meals offered here, Sinar Eco Resort also offers major fun activities which include:

  1. Kayaking
  2. Pool Table
  3. Swimming
  4. Archery
  5. ATV Rides
  6. Tractor Ride
  7. Horseback Ride
  8. Karaoke
  9. Buggy Ride
  10. Eco Rafting
  11. Cow Milking,
  12. Milk Feeding (Kid/Lamb/Calf)
  13. Farm Animal Encounter & Petting Zoo
  14. And many other fun activities.

Activities in Sinar Eco Resort

Image Credits: Sinar Eco Resort FB

The rooms here are fully furnished, fully functional and are very pretty.

Sinar Eco Resort is a good place to hold meetings, weddings, celebration dinners, wedding banquet, company dinner and or special events. The good thing about the place is that there are very beneficial room offers such as

  1. Stay longer save more.
  2. The early bird offer.
  3. The last minute deals.

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Here people get the opportunity to interact with animals such as cows, rabbits and many more.

Sinar Eco Resort (Cow)

Image Credits: Sinar Eco Resort FB

How To Go To Sinar Eco Resort

If you have a car, you can drive yourself to the resort as it is only 8km from Pekan Nenas Town. It is about 1-hour drive from Johor Bahru Checkpoint and  40 minutes from Tuas Second Link Checkpoint.

If you want a hassle-free and comfortable day trip to JB, you can book private car service from SGMYTAXI. The driver will pick you up at any point in Singapore and directly drive you to the resort.

Address: Lot 2346, GM2535 Kampung Sungai Molek, Mukim Jeram Batu, 81500 Pekan Nanas, Pontian, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6019-717 2423 / +6013-757 2434
Day Trip Operating Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm
Entrance Fee: RM30/Adult; RM20/Child(3-12) & Senior(60+)


7. Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

The open eco-farm and park provide a unique opportunity to see animals closer, get to know the wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty of this land.

The main aim of the Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm is to make people and nature getting to know each other. This authentic experience of uniting with the world around you will be the most strong and beautiful memory you ever had. It’s worth to try!

sri tanjung

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm Activities

The farm provides a vast variety of activities, such as:
• feeding animals;
• enjoying nature;
• contact with different animals;
• tours for students and children;
• Purchase of the natural products of the farm, such as geese, turkeys or chickens.

Such weekends is not only a great way to relax and have fun but also an opportunity to show your kids an untouched nature around them. A lot of different animals and plants they never saw in their life and enjoy all activities that are impossible for big cities.

Moreover, this open farm can increase your knowledge about wildlife and nature in Malaysia, sesame family bonding and provides excellent memories about family holidays in Johor.

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm Ticket Prices

Adults – RM 10.00
Children – RM 8.00

How To Get To Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

Since the farm is located not in the center of the state, you’ll need a car or a taxi to get there. Unfortunately, there are no buses or transfers from the closest town to the farm.


Eco Farm in Kulai, Johor

8. Green Valley Eco Village

The best way to unite with wildlife and get a closer look at modern villages, farming and agriculture is to visit a real eco village, where real people live according to the rules of nature.


The Main Principles of  Green Valley Eco Village

First of all, what is it – the eco-village?
Green Valley Eco Village – is an extraordinary place, where people:
• live closer to nature;
• integrate various aspects of ecological design, permaculture, green planting and production, community building practices, and much more;
• Ensure the well-being of all life form into the indefinite future.

In a few words, people here care about animals, plants, ecology, and future, creating with their own hands a real model of a stable, healthy, simple lifestyle.

Since 2008, the place is open for tourists, study visits and exchange programs, so everyone who feels love and passion to nature can fulfill it here.

How To Get To Green Valley Eco Village

Green Valley Eco-Village is located 5 minutes’ drive from Senai International Airport and is next to Palm Resort Golf and Country Club. The detailed map you can find on the official website. It will take approximately 30 minutes to get here from Singapore or Johor Bahru City.

Address: Lot 4119, Mukim Senai Kulai,BT 18, Saleng 81000 Kulai. Johor, Malaysia
Email: [email protected]


9. Star Fish Leisure Farm

Situated 1.8km off Jalan Sengkang, Star Fish Leisure Farm is found right beside the railway track.

First established in September 2015 as a farm literally surrounded by nature, Star Fish Leisure Farm is now the perfect destination for recharging your mind, body and soul.

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Green Star Fish Leisure Farm

2D1N and 3D2N tour package is now offered by the farm with the conditions of a minimum of 10 persons per traveling group. Meals included afternoon tea are included in the package.

Activity In Star Fish Leisure Farm

As most of the visitors travel in a group, team building activities are provided to enhance team dynamics, facilitate communication and build trust among the team members. For instance:

  • Kayaking
  • Cycling all around the leisure farm
  • Net fishing
  • ATV riding
  • Karaoke
  • River tubing
  • Pingpong
  • Camping

Star Fish Leisure Farm Accommodation

They provide 2 different kinds of accommodation:

  1. Kampung Silthouses
  2. Floating chalets

*Get ready for natural showering experience as hot water is not provided. The water you bathe is obtained directly from the well and mountain.

How To Get To Star Fish Leisure Farm

The tour package provided by Star Fish Leisure Farm has excluded transport to and fro the farm. Therefore, you need to go there on your own.

Now, SGMYtaxi is offering transport service the farm from Singapore at affordable prices. They are dedicated to serving you throughout the journey. Reserve a private car online to ride with them.

Address: Lot 2168, Senai-Kulai, 81000 Kulaijaya Johor, Kulai, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6016-778 2208
Ticket price:
2D1N: RM158 (Adults), RM118 (4-12 years old kids)
3D2N: RM288 (Adults), RM216 (4-12 years old kids)


Eco Farm in Muar, Johor

10. HS Farmstay

The mission of HS Farmstay is to educate people especially children in conserving and preserving the environment. The visitors get to enjoy the wonderful nature and learn to appreciate it through series of activities provided.

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HS Farmstay Muar, Johor

The clean and well-managed HS Farm is suitable for family gathering and school field trip as it takes the children in cities approaching nature in a comfortable way. Children can even feel and touch the plants and animals they usually seen on books and televisions.

Activities In HS Farm

Take pleasure in the excellent facilities provided by HS Farm. Also, enjoy plenty of activities offered such as:

HS Farmstay Mini Zoo

  • Pony Farm visit
  • Kelulut Farm visit
  • Coconut Farm visit
  • Ride on horse (Children)
  • Cycling around the farm
  • Play in kids pool
  • Spa
  • BBQ
  • Buy souvenirs at the on-site shops
  • Fish at the on-site fishing pool (equipment is provided)

HS Farm Accommodation

HS Farmstay Homestay

4 types of accommodations with different capacity are offered:

  • Extra Large Room (8 occupancies)
  • Group Room (40 occupancies)
  • Large Room (7 occupancies)
  • Medium Room (6 occupancies)

How To Get To HS Farm

Book a ride at SGMYTAXI and the experienced driver will drive you to HS Farm directly. You can even stop by the places you desire along the ride. Their services will definitely meet your satisfaction.

Address: PTD 4116,Parit Pajar, Jalan kesang,84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6012-613 7723


Eco Farm In Yong Peng, Johor

11. Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park

Spread over 7 acres of the organic farm, Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park brings visitors to a new environment specially designed for organic farming.

The open visiting hours are from 9 am to 5.30pm. In 2012, The Skim Organic Malaysia (SOM) has validated the products grown on the farm.

Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park Yong Peng Plants

Soil cooling system is one of the technologies used into the farm. It helps to maintain the soil temperature and enhances the water holding capacity of roots. Eventually, crops with high nutrient value can be produced.

Activity In Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park

The activities offered will take you closer to nature. These activities include:

  • Organic vegetable farm visit- learn the differences between non-organic plantation and organic plantation.
  • Swiftlets’ home visit- get to know the behaviour and habitat of swiftlet.
  • Visit the production department- gain insight into the process system.
  • Buy some vegetables and swallow’s nest products at the product showroom.

How To Get To Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park

SGMYtaxi, the leading private car company in Singapore is willing to serve you. The transport rates are equivalent with the services offered.

They provide luxury fleets and friendly drivers who are familiar with the routes to Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park.

Whether you’re from Johor or Singapore, you can enjoy the services with only a call away. Return taxi can be reserved together.

Address: Lot 721, 722, 723, Jalan Desa Putih 11, Taman Desa Putih, Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6013-713 7981


Extra: Vision Eco Farm (Kluang)

Operated by Mr. Ho since seventeen, Vision Eco Farm aims at producing crops without using pesticide. Realized that farming without pesticide has little profits in the market, in 1996, he starts to engage in organic farming.

Vision Eco Farm Kluang

Photo credits:

Through organic farming, they are able to grow environmental friendly fruits and vegetables and simultaneously maintain a well-balanced ecosystem. Currently, Vision Eco Farm has developed over 4 farms all around Malaysia. But here we only focused on the one at Johor Bahru.

Sprawling over 130 acre, the farm mainly produces sugarcane products. Visit here and you get to know the process of manufacturing sugars in an organic way.

Activity In Vision Eco Farm

  • Seminar was given by Mr. Ho to promote environmental awareness of visitors (Kindly inform the authorities in advance)
  • Take a tour around the farm, gain insight into the process of organic farming

Products of Vision Eco Farm

Few examples of fresh vegetables and fruits they grow are:

  • Kangkung
  • Sugarcane
  • Choy Sum
  • Bean Plant
  • Lettuce
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Fresh sugarcane juice
  • Organic sucrose

Organic products from the farm can be bought at particular organic shops in Malaysia.

How To Get To Vision Eco Farm

Vision Eco Farm is suitable for one day trip for family and friends. Book a return private car through as they provide outstanding transport service. The experienced local driver will pick you up at the place you have designated on time.


Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF) (Permanently Closed)

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm is the first and only organic rice farm in Malaysia. With over 260 acres of rice farming land, it’s not just a farm, but also an eco-friendly, peaceful resort for the whole family.

Since 2005, this place provides ‘free & easy’ and ‘packaged’ farm stays, where you can not only enjoy a wilderness, but also numerous activities for every interest and hobby.

Kahang Organic Eco Farm

KOREF Activities

The rice farm is situated at the fringe of the tropical rain forest and offers a wide range of real-life eco outdoor activities inclined to its nature. There are nearly 40 different activities for adults and children, but there are only the 10 most popular of them:

1.) Mountain climbing (two mountains are available – Gunung Lambak, which is 510m above sea level and Gunung Belumut. This mountain is 1,1,010m high).
2.) Seasonal hands-on rice farming weeding, rice transplant, harvest and winnow.
3.) Bamboo-rafting.
4.) Drum-raft construction, launch and steer.
5.) Boat rowing.
6.) River crossing (actual or simulated).
7.) Star gazing and astronomy.
8.) Hands-on fish-catching (and release) in the pond.
9.) Night jungle trail and after-dark field exploration.
10.) Field cooking.

A lot of activities you can do in Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm such as rice harvesting, bamboo rafting, fish catching, join challenge courses etc

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

KOREF Accommodation

• tents;
• dormitory;
• land-chalets;
• floating-chalets.

How To Get To Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm

The simplest way is to take a car. You can download a map from the official website or just follow this simple instruction:
Take an Exit at Ayer Hitam from the North-South Highway.

After the toll station, turn right at the t-traffic junction, travel along Kluang-Jalan Mersing trunk road to Kluang Town; then, after approximately 36km, you will reach the Kahang Village. Move on for another 7km and cross the Kahang Bridge. After approximately 200m, you’ll see the signboard indicating the entrance to the Farm.

Moreover, you can take a train from Singapore to Kluang (the trip will take 2 hours), use a bus (detailed instructions are on the farm’s website) or, if you want a fast and easy trip, hire the private car service.

Address: 43 Km, Jln Kluang-Mersing, 86700, Kahang, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6012-720 8158
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm


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