Rawa Island: How To Get There From Singapore (Travel Guide)



Singapore To Rawa Island

There is no other place like Rawa Island in Malaysia.

It is unspoiled, authentic and beautiful.

The island’s beauty and serenity are well preserved.

Also, it is the perfect place for a tropical escape.

With little development, Rawa Island might be lesser-known but it still attracts nature lovers from all over the world.

Plan a visit to Rawa Island, you will never regret and you get to experience island life to the fullest.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to get to Rawa Island from Singapore as well as everything about Rawa Island, Johor.

How To Get To Rawa Island From Singapore

Bus From Singapore To Rawa Island

The most budget transportation to Mersing will be taking public transport offered by Five Stars Express and WTS coach.

The pickup point of Five Stars Express is at Golden Mile Complex whereas the pickup point of WTS coach is at Singapore Flyer. One way ticket costs SGD $31.50 and SGD $40.00 respectively.

Five Stars Express

The coach departs very early in the morning, at 6:15 am so that the passengers can catch the ferry to Rawa Island at 11:00 am. It takes 3 hours to arrive safely at Mersing Jetty but it still depends on the traffic condition.

However, as the bus is only available once per day, it is recommended to book the bus ticket online beforehand. The return ticket can also be booked directly.

Pros: Cheapest option

Cons: You need to disembark from the bus at Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint (Singapore Immigration) and queue for 40 minutes to 1 hour. After that, you need to wait for the rest of the bus passengers to be done.

Then, you need to disembark from the bus again at Johor Custom (Malaysia Immigration) and queue another 40 minutes to 1 hour. It’s quite hassled because you also need to bring your luggage down for scanning. This procedure is applied for entering and existing Singapore.

How To Go To Rawa Island From Mersing

1. Ferry From Mersing Jetty To Rawa Island

Go to Rawa Island By Ferry

Rawa Island is a 1-hour ferry ride from Mersing Jetty. The tickets are sold at the sales counter which costs RM35 per ride.

The ferry departs every 1 to 2 hours between 9:30am and 5:30pm, depending on the tidal conditions especially during the Full Moon.

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2. Boat From Mersing Jetty To Rawa Island

Go to Rawa Island By Boat

Alternatively, take a 30 minutes boat ride to Rawa Island. Normally, it costs RM35 per way but it depends on the size of traveling group.

There is no fixed departure time but more boats are available during peak season (March-September). Boat transfer can be arranged with any of the Rawa Island resorts package in advance.

The resort offers Rawa full board package includes boat transfer from Mersing Jetty to Rawa Island, accommodation and meals. Just to inform that there is only 2 resort you can choose either Alang’s Rawa Resort or Rawa Island Resort.

2 Awesome Rawa Island Accommodation

1. Alang’s Rawa Resort

Rawa Island is a private island owned by Johor Sultanate. There is little development to keep the island pristine. The unspoiled paradise of Rawa Island is the perfect short weekend getaways from Singapore. It is also an ideal place for honeymoon and family gathering.

Alang's Rawa Resort, Malaysia

Alang’s Rawa Resort lines perfectly along the beach. The rooms offered include a beach house, jungle side, coconut tree group room, coconut tree, little A-Frames and beachfront.

Each room is clean, well-equipped and provides wonderful sea views. The friendly staffs will render assistance to guests in all they can do.

Alang Rawa Resort With View Of Beach

Alang’s Rawa serves simple yet delightful dishes. The highlight of the dishes here is Rawa Special Fish. It is prepared by using the freshest fish and local ingredients.

If you are staying here on the weekend, do not miss out the BBQ buffet offered on Saturday nights. Lots of mouthwatering choices are available to satisfy your appetite.

Alangs Rawa Restaurant

Alangs Rawa Eating Time

Most of the guests are impressed by the warm hospitality of the staff. Compared to other bigger islands, this small and beautiful island makes them feel private and serene.

They had never seen such white and fine sands at any other beaches before. Before leaving, they strongly recommend future visitors to discover the hilltop view and go for trekking.

2. Rawa Island Resort

Rawa Island Resort is considered as a family resort as there are lots of activities and entertainment offered to the entire family. Discounts are given to individual guests who return here again.

While staying here, the parents can simply relax by sleeping in hammocks around. Their children can enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing, jumping on the trampoline and playing beach volleyball.

Rawa Island Resort Malaysia

Photo credits: rawaislandresort.com

There are 77 specially designed rooms offered by Rawa Island Resort. All rooms are featured with en-suite bathrooms, hot shower and air conditioning system. At the restaurant and bar, you can find tea/coffee making facilities and television.

Rawa Island Resort Accomodation

The on-site restaurant serves buffet-style meals. Guests can get up and refill whenever they like. In between meal times, sandwiches are provided at request. Infant milk and food will also be provided to a family traveling with the baby.

Rawa Island Resort Room

With a warm and passionate welcome from attentive staffs, the guests felt themselves at home. Most of the kids had lots of fun spending the whole day on the beach. They enjoyed snorkeling and jumping off the jetty into the sea the most.

The guests will never go thirsty or hungry as food are constantly provided. Most of them promised to visit Rawa Island Resort again in the future.

4 Best Resort Near Rawa Island

1. D’Coconut Island Resort

Looking forward to waking up to a breathtaking sunrise and taking a walk along the white sandy beach? Look no further than D’Coconut Island Resort.

Perfectly surrounded by crystal clear waters, D’Coconut Island Resort offers amazing sea view and exciting beach activities to guests.

D’Coconut Island Resort Plate

The resort is situated on Pulau Besar, a place surrounded by many gorgeous islands such as Rawa Island, Harimau Island and Mensirip Island. Therefore, the visitors are easily accessed to the nearby islands.

D’Coconut Island Resort, Pulau Besar

The resort offers 65 well-fitted guestrooms with private balcony overlooking the beach. Each room features air conditioning, hot shower facilities and a refrigerator. The on-site restaurant is set against the beautiful sea views. Local and western dishes can be found here.

D’Coconut Island Resort Room

For leisure, take advantages of the recreational facilities offered by the resort whether taking a dip in the pool or jogging around the garden.  The guests can also go snorkeling and play beach volleyball while staying here.

2. Mersing Beach Resort

Mersing Beach Resort is located in Air Papan, about 10km away to the north of Mersing. The resort is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful beach.

The beach has clean blue sea and a gentle breeze that will make you feel astonishing. The silhouette of the islands can be seen around the resort.

Mersing Beach Resort

The rooms here are quite big and all of the rooms are fully equipped with air-conditioner, refrigerator, full toiletries, hot and cold shower, LCD television, electrical jug kettle, private balcony, wardrobe, mirror and dressing table.

The guests are just a few steps away from the beautiful white sand and crystal clear beach.

Mersing Beach Resort Room

The resort is featured with an on-site swimming pool. For safety purpose, parents can let their children playing in the pool rather than in the sea. With the breathtaking sea view offered, everyone seems to lose track of the time since they were here.

Address: Lot 456, Pantai Peranginan Air Papan, Mersing, Johor, 86800 Malaysia
Contact: +607-799 4545

3. Fishing Bay Resort

Fishing Bay Resort is located by a bay called Teluk Buih. It is also known as Air Papan, a village in Johor. Securely surrounded by decent rainforest, diverse species of flora and fauna can be found here.

Fishing Bay Resort, Mersing

It is one of the most well-known family resorts in Malaysia. For those who like rustic rooms and chalets that feature an interior setting alike traditional homestays, Fishing Bay Resort is your best choice.

Even though the room is set in the traditional way but it comes with modern amenities include air-conditioner, television, hot water shower and free WIFI internet access.

Fishing Bay Resort Pool

As the resort name indicates, it is an ideal place for guests who wish to angle along the shore.

The resort is a pleasant place to enjoy the serenity of nature. It is a privilege to spend your time here away from the hustle and bustle in the city.

Address: 525 Teluk Buih Air Papan, 86800 Kampung Kayu Papan, Malaysia
Contact: +60 7-799 6753

4. Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar

Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar is a 3-star resort which offers a fairytale-like experience to the guests. The sea surrounded the resort homes to a variety of cute and tiny sea creatures. Besides, the guests are constantly greeted by the swaying coconut trees and soft white sands.

Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar

Although the resort is decorated in kampung style, it is well-equipped with modern facilities. The room features air conditioning, mini fridge, hot shower, and satellite television, just to name a few. Apart from that, all of the staffs have a really good manner.

Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar View

Beach volleyball, motorized water sports, and beach futsal are some of the beach facilities provided. The guests can explore the underwater through snorkeling and scuba diving.

After all day long activities, delicious cuisines can be found in their restaurant. Savour the scrumptious cuisines while enjoying the scenery of the beach will be a perfect ending for the day.

Address: Lot 33,34 and 35, Pulau Besar, Mersing, Johor, Malaysia
Email: [email protected]

8 Fun Thing To Do In Rawa Island

1. Rawa Island Snorkeling (Le Club Rawa)

Snorkeling at Rawa Island

Discover the underwater beauty surrounds Rawa Island by go snorkeling. Crystal clear water allows you so see a variety of marine life clearly.

All the snorkeling gear you will need is provided by Le Club Rawa. The best part is you can literally start snorkeling just a few steps from your room. However, beware of jellyfishes.

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2. Play Rawa Island Water Slides

Rawa Island (Water Slides)

Enjoy a thrilling splashdown experience by playing water slides. It is not only for children, but adults can also attempt water slides too.

The riders will experience simple twists and turns and end up splashing into the cool sea. If you are fear of heights, jumping off from the jetty can give you an almost similar experience.

3. Kayak/Canoeing At Rawa Island

Rawa Island (Kayaking)

Canoeing is one of the leisure activities which can be found in Rawa Island. Paddle with the current while sitting in canoe makes you feel like floating on the blue sea.

Rent a canoe from the resort and start discovering the unspoiled island. You may discover something new!

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4. Go To Fishing

Fishing Trip near Rawa Island

With the fishing tours organized by the resorts, fishing enthusiasts will fall in love with Rawa Island. The tour is RM300.00 per travel for 3 to 4 individual.

All the fishing equipment is provided by the resort. If you are new to fishing, the staffs will always be there to help you.

5. Play Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball at Rawa Island

Beach volleyball is played in teams. The parents can spend quality time with their little ones through playing beach volleyball.

The children will not get hurt if they fall down. Instead, they find interesting diving in the soft sand after the ball. The volleyball can be accessed upon request.

6. Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking at Pulau Rawa

It is worth spending 40 minutes hiking to the hilltop in the evening. Take the long trekking path and follow the sign to the hilltop. The breathtaking ocean view is offered along the path.

You will be rewarded with a stunning sunset sea view once you reach the hilltop. Beware of the steep stairs.

7. Walk around at Rawa Island beach

Walk Around in Rawa Island

Walking barefoot on the beach takes you into nature and reduces stress. Above you are the blue sky and beside you is the clear blue water.

It is refreshing walking across the shore and leaving your footprints behind. Walk around with friends or family to enjoy the beautiful scenery together.

8. Rawa Island Diving

Diving at Rawa Island

Photo credits: rawaislandresort.com

Rawa Island is ideal for diving as it has clear water. Now, discover scuba diver programme is offered to those who are new to diving.

Your safety is guaranteed as you will be under the close supervision of an experienced instructor. Join the dive courses to explore more!

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Best Time To Go Pulau Rawa

Visit Rawa Island between March to September and stay away from monsoon season (October-March).

Within this period of time (March to September), the sea view is breathtaking and the weather is great for water activities.

It is the best time to travel as it ensures a pleasant stay with your loved ones.

15 Things To Know Before You Travel To Rawa Island

  • Avoid visiting Rawa Island during monsoon season. Rainy days may spoil your trip.
  • Bring along some medicines. There is no clinic or hospital on the island. Medical aid can only be obtained from Mersing.
  • The accommodation package should have included boat trips.
  • The boat trip timings vary according to tide condition.
  • Alang’s Rawa Resort does not provide WiFi to guests.
  • Kayak, snorkeling gears and life jacket are free to be used right after depositing RM50.
  • All the purchases on Rawa Island should be paid in cash.
  • Bring your own diving gears. There is no diving shop on the island.
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear water. Discover the sea creatures on your own.
  • Alang’s Rawa Resort is suitable for budget travelers.
  • Hike to the hilltop to see stunning views of the entire island.
  • Kindly ask the staffs for help. All of them are willing to help you.
  • In Alang’s Rawa Resort, all expenses are paid only when checking out.
  • Take a lot of photos of this beautiful paradise.
  • Get the Malaysia mobile simcard because resort does not have Wi-Fi.


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