Rawa Island Package: Which One Should You Really Pick?



Rawa Island Packages

Charming Rawa Island is one of the most beautiful islands you can visit from Mersing Jetty.

It’s very accessible from Singapore and Johor!

Because of its exclusive status as a private island, it can be an expensive place to stay.

But the pristine beaches are worth it!

So you should look into some Rawa Island Packages before you go!

Resorts on the island offer their own packages.

1. Rawa Island Resort & Hotel Package

Seeing that there are only 2 resorts on Rawa Island or Pulau Rawa, you’ll just have to make a choice between one or the other.

Pulau Rawa Malaysia Near Mersing Jetty

Neither resort is cheap to book though! But that’s what comes with the exclusivity of the island!

Note: You need to stay on Rawa Island for at least 2 nights! The resorts do not allow one day trip or one-night stays!

1.1 Rawa Island Resort

Rawa Island Resort (sometimes called Rawa Safari) sits on a hill and it takes 2 to 3 minutes to walk to the beach.

Rawa Island Resort Accomodation

If you want beachfront accommodation with an exquisite vista of the ocean, go for their sea view rooms! Rooms are very clean and well-maintained.

As for amenities, you’ll find WiFi, cable television and tea/ coffee making facilities at the resort’s own restaurant and bar where you can get a beer too.

Rawa Island Resort Room

Rawa Island Resort Highlights:

  • Don’t forget to try the water slides in front of the resort when you’re here! They lead right into the sea!
  • A badminton court, table tennis, pool table and snooker, kayak rental are available at the resort
  • Buffet style meals will ensure you don’t get bored of the food!

Note: Even if you stay at Alang’s Rawa Resort, nobody will stop you from using the slides at Rawa Island Resort!

Rawa Island Resort Malaysia

Image credits: rawaislandresort.com

1.2 Alang’s Rawa Resort

Popular among backpackers for its laid-back atmosphere and wide assortment of rooms and chalets, Alang’s Rawa Resort is no stranger to making guests feel at home!

You’ll have to forgo WiFi and TV completely here and just enjoy the carefree atmosphere of a simple island lifestyle instead!

Alang Rawa Resort With View Of Beach

Alang’s Rawa Resort Highlights:

  • Two specialities to try – Rawa Special Fish and Rawa Special (A somewhat potent cocktail)!
  • Hiking trail (Hilltop Walk) close to the resort that takes you to the top of the hill where you can see the sunrise (or sunset), South China Sea and neighbouring islands!
  • Weekend adult parties at the beach shack (kids are not allowed to stay at the resort during the weekends)
  • Beach volleyball, kayak rental, board games are available at this resort

Note: Hiking trails are Hilltop Walk and Island Walk. You can do both regardless of the resort you choose.

How To Book A Package At Alang’s Rawa Resort

You can only book rooms at Alang’s Rawa Resort through their packages on their website.

This is how they offer the best value to their guests.

Prices will be higher by ~RM100 if you book rooms on the weekends rather than on weekdays.

Alangs Rawa Restaurant

Children under 12 get 50% off the package while children under age 5 get everything for free except food (i.e. RM60+ charge for food/day).

Take note that groups with children under 16 are not allowed to book on Saturdays at Alang’s Rawa Resort since they have a strict adults-only policy on the weekends!

2. Rawa Island Package 2021

Both resorts have their own packages.

You may want to read through both and see which is more suitable for your travel group!

Prices, of course, vary on which room you choose and the size of your group.

They charge by person and the waterfront rooms obviously cost the most!

The packages do not, however, include the following:

  • Johor National Park Fee & Marine Park Fee
  • Tourism Tax (applicable to foreigners)
  • Rental fees for water activities (e.g. kayak, snorkeling, pedal boats, etc)

Note: And if you bring your own alcohol, you will be charged corkage fees!

2.1) 2D1N Rawa Island Package

There is no such package available for Rawa Island as both resorts require a minimum of 2 nights’ stay for any booking.

2.2) 3D2N Rawa Island Package

A 3D2N package is perfect if you can only afford to take leave from work for just a day and go on a weekend!

It gives you up to 2 half-days and 1 full day to chill at Rawa Island!

This is the standard package offered at Alang’s Rawa Resort which includes:

  • 2 nights’ worth of accommodation
  • Boat transfers to and from Rawa Island from Mersing Jetty
  • All meals starting with your first dinner until the last lunch on the day you leave.

Package excludes:

  • Cost of all drinks
  • Johor National Park Fee & Marine Park Fee

For Rawa Island Resort, you can book a 3-day or 4-day full board snorkeling package.

The term full board means that accommodation and meals are included, as well as a 2-way boat transfer from Mersing Jetty to the resort!

As a bonus, you get a welcome drink thrown into the package too!

2.3) 4D3N Rawa Island Package

If you have an extra day to spare in paradise, then the 4 days, 3 nights package is just what you need!

For Alang’s Rawa Resort, you’ll have to contact them directly if you want to stay for longer than 3 days!

While at Rawa Island Resort, this package is almost identical to the previous one but with an extra night’s worth of accommodation and another day’s worth of meals (3 per day).

3. Rawa Island Activities Package

You definitely need to pay close attention to this particular section if you plan to go to Rawa Island!

There are certain activities that are not allowed in the waters surrounding Rawa Island since it’s part of the Marine Park.

Rawa Island (Water Slides)

3.1 Rawa Island Diving Package

While you can’t book a diving package or course directly from any of the 2 resorts on Rawa Island, you can only book through the PADI Five Star Scuba Diving Instructor Development Center (Orca Scuba Rawa) on the island!

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Orca Scuba Rawa offers diving courses from beginners up to professional Master Scuba Diving Trainer (MSTD). Families and children are welcome too! They have instructors for ‘open water’ or ocean diving or open scuba diving as well.

Diving at Rawa Island

The location of the dive center is at the northern end of the beach which makes for excellent shore dives not far from the main reef or the resorts.

3.2 Rawa Island Snorkeling Package

Neither resort on Rawa Island has packages that include a snorkeling trip away from Rawa Island. However, you can rent snorkeling gear from the resort and snorkel off the beach!

Snorkeling at Rawa Island

Alang’s Rawa Resort provides free snorkelling gears for guests as long as you return the gear in their original condition but the gear availability is not guaranteed.


Cost to rent snorkeling gear at Rawa Island Resort:

  • Snorkeling Mask & Snorkel at RM 9/hour or RM 25/day
  • Snorkeling – Fin at RM 9/hour or RM 25/day
  • Snorkeling Set at RM 17/hour or RM 40/day
  • Life Jacket at RM 9/day
  • Rash Guard at RM 30/day
  • Pool Noodle at RM 8/day

Mind that you stick to the western side of the beach to do so since the eastern side is very rocky. The coral reef stretches from the northern to the southern end of the beach about ~100ft or less from the shore.

Note: Be alert of jellyfish!

3.3 Rawa Island Kayaking & Pedal Boat Package

There are no packages for Rawa Island that include kayaking as one of the activities but:

Rawa Island (Kayaking)

Rawa Island Resort does have kayaks and pedal boats for rent:

  • Kayak (Single) at RM 28/hour
  • Kayak (Double) at RM 38/hour
  • Pedal Boat at RM 30/hour

3.4 Rawa Island Fishing Package

As one of the 13 islands in the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park which is under the protection of the Malaysian Department of Marine Parks, Fishing is strictly prohibited anywhere in the waters surrounding Rawa Island.

This is why there are no fishing packages available from any of the resorts.

4. Rawa Island Package From Singapore

If you’re starting your journey from Singapore to Rawa Island, there are Rawa Island packages from GoIslands that include the boat transfer from Mersing Jetty to Rawa Island.

4.1 Private Car Service From Singapore To Mersing Jetty

We don’t blame you if you don’t feel up to the task of driving 2.5 hours (or more) to Mersing Jetty!

For starters, the road is probably one that you have never been on before.

And then there’s the hassle of going through immigration, paying for toll, petrol and parking fees and having to drive back again!

Private Car To Mersing (SGMYTAXI)

Why not have someone else drive for you instead? Consider booking a private car service from SGMYTAXI!

Why You Should Choose SGMYTAXI Private Car Service From Singapore To Mersing Jetty:

  • Immigration is a breeze – you don’t have to exit the car and join the queue!
  • Comfortable, private and convenient
  • Easy booking process
  • Affordable rates
  • Pick-up right from your doorstep in Singapore at a time that you choose.
  • Direct journey to Mersing Jetty. No transits required.
  • Great review from customers.

What To Expect:

  • The journey estimated to be 2.5 hours, but still, depending on the traffic.

Vehicle Details:

How To Book A Private Car:

You can make your booking through Whatsapp.

Additional Information:

Pay the fees directly in cash to the driver.

5. Rawa Island Package From Johor Bahru (JB)

It may come off as a surprise that you still need at least 2 hours to reach Mersing from Johor Bahru despite them being in the same state of Johor!

So if you don’t want to drive, you can always rely on a private car service like SGMYTAXI instead!

For more information about Rawa Island packages, you can check out the available Rawa Island package.

5.1 Private Car Service From Johor Bahru To Mersing Jetty

If you cannot stand the thought of driving and get stressed about traffic and parking when you’re supposed to be relaxing:

Consider hiring a private car service like SGMYTAXI from Johor Bahru to Mersing Jetty as an alternative!

Why You Should Choose SGMYTAXI Private Car Service From Johor Bahru To Mersing Jetty:

  • Choose from their fleet of spacious cars with ample space for you and your belongings
  • You don’t have to queue up for the ride or share it with strangers
  • Easy to book a car
  • Reasonable rates
  • Customize your pick-up point and time in Johor
  • Travel straight to Mersing Jetty with no transits in between

Want more proof of their reliable service? See actual testimonials from their recent customers!

What To Expect:

  • Depending on traffic, the journey should take around 2 hours
  • Have cash (in Ringgit) to pay the driver

Vehicle Details:

There are different cars in their MPV fleet that you can opt for:

i.) Toyota Innova (7-seater MPV)

ii.) Toyota Alphard (8-seater MPV)

iii.) Hyundai Starex (10-seater MPV)

Pick Up/ Drop Off Locations:

You can go for either of these arrangements:

Option 1: Mersing Jetty to Johor Bahru (1-way transfer)

Option 2: Johor Bahru to Mersing Jetty  (1-way transfer)

Option 3: Johor Bahru to/from Mersing Jetty (2-way transfer)

How To Book A Private Car:

Booking is easy! Just send a message through WhatsApp!

Additional Information:

Please give the fee to the driver in cash.

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6. How To Go To Rawa Island From Mersing Jetty

Step 1: Private Car Service From Singapore/Johor Bahru To Mersing Jetty

Refer to the above information for more details.

Step 2: Boat Transfer From Mersing Jetty To Rawa Island

Boat tickets are included in the resort packages as both resorts offer speedboat services to ferry their guests from Mersing Jetty to Rawa Island.

Go to Rawa Island By Boat

All you have to do is select a slot that suits you!

You should note that the Johor National Park Fee and Marine Park Fee are not included in the package. So you will have to pay these at Mersing Harbour Center which is walking distance from Mersing Jetty.


There are not many Rawa Island packages so that keep things simple and easy!

It’s just a matter of choosing the resort and arranging transport (either bus or private car) from Singapore or Johor Bahru to Mersing Jetty so you can take the boat service provided by the resorts to Rawa Island!


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