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KSL Dinosaurs Water Park

KSL Dinosaur Alive Water Park in Johor

Dinosaurs dominated our planet for millions of years. Their era is still mysterious, fascinating and gripping for almost every human.

For endowing a trivial idea about what dinosaurs actually were, several dinosaur museums are established in the various corners of the world that draws significant attention from locals, nationals and tourists.

One such dinosaur water park is KSL Dinosaur Alive Water Park located at 7th floor of KSL Resort Hotel at Taman Abad in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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KSL Dinosaur Alive Water Park Johor Bahru

About KSL Theme Park – Dinosaur Alive

KSL Theme Park – Dinosaur Alive is instituted within the premises of KSL Hotel and Resort, considered as the most luxurious yet reasonable hotel in Johor Bahru. The entry to theme park is devoid of any charges for those staying in KSL Resort Hotel.

The entrance fees to KSL theme park is RM 85 for adults and RM 55 for children. The package offered by the management includes Telematches, one coffee break, one meal, aerobic session, marshall for games and Background music with Rostrum and Microphone.

KSL Dinosaur Alive theme park is unique and different because they just do not have gigantic structures roaring but their color and appearance change consistently to make them look original and real.

This helps in giving a better understanding of how dinosaur looked, moved and lived during the ancient age. Replicas are developed very beautifully giving an authentic impression of Mesozoic Era.

The theme park consists of Infusion café and restaurant, Twilight Lounge/ Bar, Golf Mission and several shopping complexes and eateries.

How To Reach KSL Dinosaur Alive Water Park?

From Singapore Changi Airport, it takes one hour and 18 minutes to reach KSL Dinosaur Water Park by covering a distance of 87 km. Taxi is the most comfortable way to reach KSL Hotel and Resort and charges meagerly for all ease.

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Drive your own car for witnessing the most thrilling and electrifying experience at KSL Theme Park – Dinosaur Alive. Free parking services are available in KSL compound.


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