Tioman Ferry Schedule (Nov & Dec 2023) From Mersing & Tg.Gemok Jetty



We recommend the kind of service they offer but there were a few set backs.

We had a pleasant and comfortable trip to Cameron Highlands with our driver Mr. Mark. We reached our destination in 8hours with a few stopovers for toilet and light meal.

But we had a different experience on our way back to Singapore. From our pick up location in Cameron Highlands, he brought us to another route (different from the route we had taken previously) saying that it’s a better road. 30-45mins after, he said that it is jam and he would take the other road (the same route we took previously). Before he even left the pick up location, he should already have checked the best route to take. Considering that the drivers usually use Waze or Google maps, these apps suggest the best and fastest way. We drove around for about an hour plus only to find out we were just outside our accommodation. We stopped by since he needed to buy something. We wasted almost 2 hours going around Cameron Highlands because of this, we could have reached KL by then. Other than this, we had frequent stopovers as he wanted to buy something for himself, buy coffee, use the toilet and smoke. With all the 9 stopovers, we only went down 4 times. Also, we were moving at a speed of 67-73kph even on the highway. When we noticed that we were moving too slow and ahll the other cars were driving pass us, we already asked him. He gave us the reason that the floor was slippery and it’s dangerous to drive. We understand the precautions taken but the speed was unacceptable. During one of the conversations he mentioned that he placed 26 October as his arrival date where as our ETA was 25 October 8pm. He added that we can take our time and go slow. That’s when we felt irritated and realised the reason why he was taking his time from the moment he fetched us. We told him that we needed to be back home as we are working the following day, he even asked what time and told him that our work starts at 08:30am. He speed up to around 100kph but of course, it was already too late and we will still reach at a later time. We left our accommodation at 1:30pm and we exited the JB customs at exactly 12mn. We informed ahead of time that we have 2 stops but he only noted the farther stop. We are staying in Sembawang while our friends are staying in Bishan. Since he didn’t note down our stop, we had to travel to Bishan then back to Sembawang. We reached home at 1:37am. We had a total of 12 hours travel time, an additional of 4 hours to our estimated time of arrival. We are extremely disappointed by this as we have chosen to hire a private van as we believed that this is the most convenient way for us. But it turned out to be the opposite. This is an honest review of our experience. We have planned our trip including the travelling time and even gave some time for allowance in case of any unavoidable circumstances. But what just happened to us isn’t considered as an unforeseen event it is more of an unfortunate phenomenon. It is quite unjust to be dragged and delayed on purpose. The long drive, the tiredness, the anxiety and the short rest before going to our work the next day.


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