Muar Food Guide: 15 Good Food In Muar (Recommend By Local People)



15 Best Local Food in Muar, Johor

The royal town in Johor – Muar Food is blessed with variations of local delicacies due to multi-ethnicity including Malay, Chinese and Indian.

You can easily distinguish the differences between the foods as each of them features distinctive and unique characteristics.

Muar has mee bandung, asam pedas and rojak that tastes different from other towns.

There are no other places that can copy exactly the same taste Muar offers to everyone.

What we’re going to show you emphasizes only on the food taste and lots of foodies do enjoy them all.

So, be prepared with mouthwatering and finger licking dishes!

Here is the list of Muar best food:

15 Must-Try Muar Food For Travellers & Food Lovers

1. Otak Otak Cheng Boi – Muar Food

Locals who live up with otak otak often recommend their friends from other places to try otak otak at Cheng Boi as they think that this is the best among all.

Otak Otak Cheng Boi

Made by fresh mackerel fish, squid and prawn, all of them are wrapped thoroughly in coconut leaves and are later grilled in the shop. With a mild curry flavour, it’s pleasing to taste the thick and meaty otak otak when they are just off the grill.

Location: 28-4, Jalan Bantayan, Muar, Johor, Malaysia. (beside Riverview Hotel)
Tel: +6019 – 626 3030
Opening Hours:
Daily: 7:30am to 4:00pm

2. Muar Bakri Laksa – Muar Food

Knowing that Muar Bakri Laksa was renowned as Top 50 Best Laksa Outlets in Malaysia, as a food enthusiast, you should not give it a miss if you happen to be around Muar.

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Muar Bakri Laksa

Seethed for 3 hours, the broth is the complex of many spices and flavourful ingredients, bringing an enjoyment to the taste buds of customers. The bowl of laksa even contains generous amount of side ingredients. You can also request to maximise the spiciness – if you’re able to handle it.

Location: 307-4, Batu 1 3/4, Jalan Bakri, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia. (Beside Bakri Petrol Shell Station/Opposite Taman Perdana
Tel: +6017 – 642 2880 / +606 – 951 7024
Opening Hours:
Daily: 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Closed on: Tuesday

3. SinggahSawah House – Muar Food

If you wish to dine in windy environment with the sights of paddy field, Singgahsawah House is the best place to go. This place is one stop center to eat, stay and experiencing “kampung style” life and its attractive activity.

Muar Food Ayam Penyet Family

Muar Food Mee Bandung

Signature dishes here was Nasi Ayam Penyet and Nasi Ayam Geprek is the bestseller. The “sambal” was made from fresh “cili kampung” and definitely made everyone requested for more.

The cafe also served Soto Gearbox (lamb) and Mee Bandung Tulang (beef) as the popular local food in this district. Hi-tea menu also served Pisang Goreng (banana fritters) as everyone’s favourite finger food besides Jemput-jemput Ikan Bilis and Keropok Lekor too.

Muar Food Ayam Penyet

All ordinary air warung available here, nothing much but will made everyone come here love this place so much. Coming here, you got time for OOTD, eat and spend your evening on good food with your love ones.

Sawah OOTD

Location: Homestay Singgahsawah House, Jalan Sarang Buaya Laut, Kampung Parit      Bali, 83600 Semerah, Johor
Tel: +6011-39644362
Opening Hours: 4pm – 10pm (Closed On Tuesday)

4. Rojak @ Sg. Abong – Muar Food

Rojak, the local delicacy in Malaysia, can be easily found in any stalls but the one that served at Sg. Abong is considered one of the best. You might need to wait for long time but your patience will be rewarded with a big plate of rojak.

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Rojak at Sg. Abong

Here, the vegetarian rojak has the perfect blend of pineapple, yam bean, water spinach, bean sprout, cucumber, crushed peanuts, bean curd puffs and fried breadstick. Try the enticing rojak in either original flavour or spicy flavour.

Location: Jalan Sg. Abong, Muar, Johor, Malaysia. (Residence and opposite electrical tower)
Tel: +6016 – 604 5978
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am – 5:30pm
Closed on: Wednesday

5. Ah Niu Fried Noodles – Muar Food

Along Jalan Hashim you can find an unassuming stall that serves fried prawn noodles, fried rice and other noodles. The cook has many experienced in cooking local delights as he used to cook in school’s canteen for a long time. It is a very traditional place with only a few seats.

Jalan Hashim Prawn Noodles

The fried prawn noodles here are cheap and delicious. One plate of fried prawn noodles costs only RM4.00 and it comes in a large serving with generous amount of prawns and slices of meat. Overall it’s a great place for breakfast.

Location: Jalan Hashim, Muar
Tel: +606 – 951 3026 / +6012 – 687 7725 / +6016 – 259 0068
Operating Hours:
Daily: 12:00pm – 11:00pm

6. Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah – Muar Food

Originated from Muar, Mee Bandung is truly a must-try local delight in Muar for its unique and mild spicy taste. Several food stalls are serving this special dish but most of us believe that the cook at Abu Bakar Hanipah have mastered the art of Mee Bandung.

Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah

Their Mee Bandung has a rich and thick prawn flavour. The combination of their specially made sambal, shrimps, cuttlefish and beef results in this savoury and a little overpowering taste that will linger long in your taste buds.

Location: 69-A, Jalan Abdullah, Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours:
Daily: 7:00am – 4:00pm

7. Merlin Restaurant – Muar Food

Finding the best “Dragon Tongue Fish” in Muar? Restoran Merlin is your best solution! The restaurant serves wide array of Chinese cuisines and this one is their signature dish.

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[ad_2]Restoran Merlin in Muar

Actually, “Dragon Tongue Fish” is just a sole fish and people believe that its shape looks like the dragon tongue. Fried to perfection, Restoran Merlin offers you the tender flesh at the right balance of sweetness.

Merlin Restaurant Muar

Most importantly, they cook only the freshest ones to maximise deliciousness and offer you a wonderful culinary experience.

Location: 90, Jalan Dua, Taman Orkid, 84000 Muar, Johor, MalaysiaContact: +606 – 952 6971
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Closed on: Monday

8. Ah Teck Chwee Kueh – Muar Food

Ah Teck is one of the must-go roadside stalls in Muar that serves you the conventional breakfast – Chwee Kueh. This is the locals’ favourite roadside stall that has been running for over decades.

Ah Teck Chwee Kueh Muar

Serving you the most fluffy steamed rice cakes that topped with salty “choy bou” (preserved radish), it is hard to stop after taking the first bite. People often take away to give them to their colleagues or take them as their breakfast snack.

Location: Jalan Yahya, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Daily: 7:00am – 11:00pm

9. Muar Soup House – Muar Food

Occupying 3 shop houses in Muar, it’s hard to imagine that Muar Soup House was once only a small pedicab stall selling various soups at the roadside. However, what’s not changing is that beef and mutton soup are still their major draw.

Muar Soup House

Photo credits:

The humble bowl of soup is overloaded with mutton or beef according what you order and you wouldn’t find any gamey taste of raw meat. Robust, thick and giving off a slightly herbal smell, the soup will definitely exceed your expectations.

Muar Soup House Johor

Location: 47, Jalan Sisi, Muar, Johor, Malaysia. (Near Classic Hotel)
Tel: +606 – 954 1786
Opening Hours:
Daily: 24 hours

10. Kedai Kopi Lu San – Muar Food

Hainan Chicken Rice or Hainan Chicken Chop are common sight in Malaysia but have you heard of Hainan Chicken Curry Rice? If no, then you should give Kedai Kopi Lu San a try.

Kedai Kopi Lu San

The curry is not too spicy and not oily for masses of patrons. Instead, they find the curry giving off a fragrant and pleasing smell. The meat of chicken is tender and a separate version of gravy is provided to “flood” you rice with curry.

Kedai Kopi Lu San Muar

Location: 33, Jalan Haji Abu, Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6016 – 612 3963
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm

11. Han Thoy Coffee Shop – Muar Food

Finger licking and tantalizing Fresh Water Prawns are now serving in Han Thoy Coffee Shop! You can find this modest coffee shop in Panchor, a small town in Muar and is within close proximity to the river.

Han Thoy Coffee Shop Muar

Various cooking styles are available for the water prawns. But, if you wish to enjoy the natural flavour of prawns to fullest, opt for the steamed water prawns. It gives you the sweetness of prawns in a firm and springy taste.

Han Thoy Coffee Shop

Location: No.1&2, Jalan Said, Panchor, Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +606 – 973 6270 / +6012 – 331 1064 (Tong Tien Feng)
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12:00pm – 8:00pm

12. Chun Hui Restaurant – Muar Food

Popular in serving local delights especially Asam Pedas Parit Jawa Fish, the owner of Chun Hui Restaurant has been specialising the art of asam fish for over 10 years. The sambal chilli which tastes different from other stalls is identified and made by them every day.

Chun Hui Restaurant Muar

Poured over the well-cooked fish head, the asam fish gives off a pleasant smell and the gravy enchants the natural flavour of the fish. At Chun Hui Restaurant, the robust gravy is prone to sour taste instead of typical asam pedas that offers more spicy flavour.

Chun Hui Restaurant (Asam Pedas Parit Jawa)

Location: PKB 23-A, Parit Kassim, Jalan Abdul Rahman, 84150 Muar, Johor , Malaysia.
Contact: +6019 – 632 0555
Opening Hours:
Daily: 9:00am – 4:00pm

13. Sai Kee Coffee 434 – Muar Food

Producing their own brand, Elephant brand coffee, Sai Kee Coffee 434 serves only their own coffee since its establishment. If you like their coffee, grounded beans that packed in bags can be bought at the shop to enjoy them at home.

Sai Kee Coffee 434 at Muar

The coffee at Sai Kee is made in traditional way – pouring boiled water over grounded beans in muslin. Fragrant, robust and bitter are the simplest describe of this marvellous coffee.

Location: 121, Jalan Maharani, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia. (across the road from the central bus station and wet market)
Tel: +606 – 951 3046
Opening Hours:
Daily: 8:00am – 5:30pm

14. Muar Glutton Street – Muar Food

Flooded with plentiful of food stalls along the street, Muar Glutton Street is a place that foodies should not miss out.

Muar Glutton Street

Tong Shui (a kind of watery dessert), Bubur ChaCha, Green Bean Soup and peanut soup are some of the local delights offered along the street.

Muar Glutton Street 贪吃街

Most of the food stalls are serving local food and though some of them are serving the same food, each gives a slightly different taste and you can compare them by your own.

Location: T’am Cjia Kuay (贪呷街), Along Jalan Haji Abu, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.

15. Jie Chun Restaurant – Muar Food

The founder of Kedai Jie Chun, Mr.Wong is come from Hainan, China and after he came to Muar, he opened this restaurant and thus, the authentic Hainan Chicken Rice is served here.

Jie Chun Restaurant at Muar

Chicken rice balls are their main draw. It’s moist, soft and savoury and you can blend it with soy sauce. Generously lathered with sesame sauce, the chicken’s meat is a bit firm but it tastes excellent overall.

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Jie Chun at Muar

You can also order the braised tofu, it’s good to pair up with the chicken rice.

Location: 250, Jalan Sakeh, Taman Sri Emas, Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours:
Daily: 7:00am – 2:00pm
Closed on: Thursday


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