Pasar Karat JB Night Market Near JB Checkpoint Guide



Pasar Karat, affectionately called Bazar Karat, is a must-visit destination in Johor Bahru that’s just a stone’s throw away from the JB Checkpoint.

This charming night flea market (or pasar malam as locals call it!) on Jalan Segget offers a wide array of products, from clothes and electronics to yummy treats for the foodies.

Read on to discover all this market has to offer – what to buy and what to eat – for a memorable offbeat shopping experience in JB!

Table of Contents
1. Pasar Karat Night Market (Bazar Karat)
2. Pasar Karat Location
3. Pasar Karat Opening Hours
4. What To Buy At Pasar Karat
5. What To Eat At Pasar Karat
6. How To Reach Pasar Karat JB?
7. Where To Park At Pasar Karat Night Market?
8. Pasar Karat FAQs

1. Pasar Karat Night Market (Bazar Karat)

Originally known for antiques and used items, Pasar Karat or Bazar Karat, which translates to “rust” in Malay, is now a walking street filled with shoes, gadgets, and local street food vendors.

With approximately 500 meters of bustling stalls, this lively market spans across Jalan Segget and Jalan Tan Hiok and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Pasar Karat Night MarketWhat You’ll Like:

  • Great ‘pasar malam’ vibe
  • Variety of street food and local delights
  • Shop for various knock-off goods, electronics, clothes, etc
  • Open til late night – great for an after dinner stroll or shopping
  • Very affordable prices
  • Good place for bargain shopping

Pasar Karat JB VendorGood To Know

  • Many vendors at Pasar Karat JB night market accept both cash and TnG (Touch ‘n Go) payments
  • Pasar Karat JB can get crowded especially on weekends, so be aware of your belongings and keep an eye on your purse or wallet
  • While haggling is a common practice in night markets, food items generally have a fixed price
  • Parking could be a hassle, so consider ride sharing options

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2. Pasar Karat Location

Address: Pasar Karat Night Market (Pasar JB), 26, 20, Jalan Segget, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

Pasar Karat Entrance


3. Pasar Karat Opening Hours

Pasar Karat Night Market is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6:00pm til midnight.

Pasar Karat JB View

While most shops open by about 6:00pm, head to the market a little later for a better night market vibe as the it only truly comes alive around 8:00pm!

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4. What To Buy At Pasar Karat

4.1 Antiques & Vintage Items

Pasar Karat Johor Bahru Vintage

If you’re a fan of vintage treasures, don’t miss the antique stall selling treasures like old cameras, brassware, enamel pots, and street vendors selling vintage t-shirts.

4.2 Clothes

Pasar Karat Clothes

Numerous stalls offer a range of clothing items, including jeans, tourist-themed t-shirts, and the always-popular crowd favorite, batik shirts!

4.3 Fashion Accessories

Pasar Karat Fashion Accessories

Pasar Karat is also famous for a wide selection of affordable knockoff handbags and shoes resembling popular high-end brands in malls.

Shopping Tips For Pasar Karat

  • Exploring the stalls can be an exciting adventure, with the potential to discover one-of-a-kind gems
  • Goods can be similar from stall to stall, so don’t buy from the first shop you come upon as you might find a better deal elsewhere!
  • Feel free to haggle down the prices, but keep in mind that these vendors are also trying to make a living!

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5. What To Eat At Pasar Karat

5.1 Lokching


A definite must-eat at the market is their ‘lokching’ or skewered fish satays and sausages that are grilled then dunked and smothered into the most delectable homemade Thai chilli sauce!

5.2 Mee Siput

Mee Siput

While the name suggests that you’ll be eating a bowl of noodles, mee siput is actually a deep fried flour dough that spirals like a shell of a ‘siput’ or snail and served with tasty sambal!

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5.3 Kunafa


Cap off your visit to Pasar Karat with their yummy Kunafa, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert of shredded dough soaked in sugar syrup layered on top of a delicious cream cheese base!

6. How To Reach Pasar Karat JB?

Pasar Karat JB is a quick 10 minute drive away from the JB Checkpoint.

JB Checkpoint to Pasar Karat Drive Route

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Pasar Karat from the JB Checkpoint is to hail a taxi or use a ride-sharing app like Grab.

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7. Where To Park At Pasar Karat Night Market?

If you’re driving to Pasar Karat yourself, parking can be a bit of a challenge due to the busy area and lack of designated parking facilities.

Parking at Pasar Karat

Most shoppers choose street parking, but be sure to avoid double lines, yellow lines, and hydrants – it may be risky, but it does add to the excitement of shopping at a pasar malam!

8. Pasar Karat FAQs

Q1. What time does Pasar Karat JB open?

Most stalls in Pasar Karat JB are set up and open by around 6:00pm.

Q2. Are there any differences between Singapore’s and Pasar Karat JB’s night market?

Singapore’s night markets are more food-centric offering more ‘hot food’ options, while Pasar Karat sells clothes, vintage ware and street snacks that are super budget friendly!

Q3. Is Pasar Karat JB worth visiting?

Yes! Pasar Karat JB is definitely worth a visit for its unique ‘pasar malam’ atmosphere, great bargains, and delicious street food!


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