Top 11 Things To Do Near Legoland Malaysia (Two Days Plan Is Perfect!)



Top 11 Thing To Do Near Legoland

Your main reason to cross over the border may be Legoland Malaysia.

But you might be wondering – what else is there to see?

Why not try something different?

We have the answer for you in this very post!

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of some of these!

Make the most of your time in Johor with this list of 11 things to do near Legoland Malaysia!

Top 11 Things To Do Near Legoland Malaysia

Bet that you did not expect that there would be so many things to do near Legoland!

There’s something to suit everyone in this list, including some recommended local food haunts!

1. Get Your Shopping On At Mall of Medini, Eco Botanic or Sunway Big Box Village

If you’re looking for some basic necessities or somewhere with a lot of fast-food dining options, then head over to Mall of Medini.

Mall of Medini Gelang Patah

Else, you can check out the two new shopping areas:

Eco Botanic – Beautiful shop lots in a new township with cafes, restaurants and ample parking space.

Eco Botanic

Sunway Big Box Village – Has an interesting container concept for the retail stores. Set to open in December 2019.

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Sunway Big Box Retail Park

2. Have A Relaxing Game Of Golf At Horizon Hills Golf Course Or Forest City Golf Course

It’s refreshing to be outdoors enjoying your favourite game of golf!

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Horizon Hills Golf Johor

There are 2 gorgeous golf courses:

Horizon Hills Golf Course – This is a premier golf course with a challenging 18-hole course featuring sand bunks and waterways.

Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club

Forest City Golf Course – Want to experience a game of “dessert golf”? This unique golf course is made to look like a desert with splashes of green in a vast expanse of sand.

3. Chill Out On Beanbags While Watching Movies At AEON Bukit Indah

About 20 minutes’ drive away from Legoland Malaysia, AEON Bukit Indah has the only Beanieplex in the whole of Johor Bahru!

TGV Cinema in Bukit Indah

Beanieplex is a special cinema configuration where the seats are actually bean bags!

Which are a lot more comfortable than conventional cinema seats!

Note: To get the whole beanbag seat to yourself, you have to pay tickets for 2 people as they are only sold in pairs!

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4. Learn How To Ride At The Kuda House Equestrian Centre

A Horse riding activity after your Legoland Malaysia trip might be a little bit tiring.

But this unusual recreational activity has its benefits and is suitable for adults and children!

Kuda House Equestrian Centre

Boost your fitness, spend time outdoors, learn a new skill and more about horses and the hobby!

Kuda House Equestrian Centre offers the following:

  • Leisure riding
  • Riding classes
  • Trail rides
  • Courses on stable management
  • Horse schooling

Note: Kuda House Equestrian Centre is the closest riding academy to Singapore.

5. Eat Fabulously Fresh And Affordable Seafood At Gelang Patah

When folks mention Gelang Patah, often the first thing that comes to mind is fresh seafood!

There are 4 Chinese restaurants that stand out:

5.1 Chua Kee Seafood (蔡记海鲜楼)

Chua Kee Restaurant, Gelang Patah

5.2 New Chua Kee Seafood Restaurant (新蔡记海鲜楼)

New Chua Kee Seafood Restaurant

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5.3 Restoran 777

Restoran 777 In Gelang Patah Food

5.4 Restoran Tian Lai (天来海鲜)

Restaurant Tian Lai Johor Bahru

6. Treat Yourself To A Rejuvenating Spa & Massage

Understandably, you may want to just relax after a whole day of fun at Legoland Malaysia.

A couple of massage centres tend to have late closing hours too!

So, we’ve put together the best spa and massage centres that are close to Bukit Indah:

6.1 Thai Odyssey Aeon Mall Bukit Indah

Thai Odyssey, KSL City Joho Bahru

Image credits:

6.2 Eminent Reflexology Bukit Indah

Eminent Reflexology

6.3 Wang Jia Therapy & Reflexology Bukit Indah (王足部落)

7. See The Brilliant Eco Concept Of Forest City For Yourself

It takes just 20 minute’s drive from Legoland Malaysia to Johor Bahru’s ambitious development project, Forest City which spans over 4 man-made islands.

Forest City looks just as it sounds as it innovatively incorporates urban buildings with nature.

Forest City duty free

All transport including car parks will be underground to minimize congestion and noise.

Designed by the Chinese real estate giant, Country Garden, this will be a city like no other in Malaysia and Singapore!

8. Enjoy Extreme Sport At X Park Sunway Iskandar

If you still have boundless energy even after a day in Legoland Malaysia, you can go to X Park JB in Sunway Iskandar, another outdoor activities in JB and it’s one of the best things to do near Legoland Malaysia!

X Park Sunway Iskandar

X Park Sunway Iskandar Highlights:

  • Go-Kart
  • High Rope
  • Aqua Walk
  • Motorcross
  • Paintball
  • Pocket Bike
  • Kayaking
  • Swan Boat
  • Buggy
  • ATV
  • and many more!

Xpark Kart In JB Go Karting

9. Improve Golf Skill At Sunway XPark Golf Driving Range

What to do near Legoland Malaysia? Well, you can explore Sunway XPark Golf Driving Range located near Legoland Malaysia.

It is really affordable price to practice your golf skill. The environment is pretty clean and well maintenance.

Sunway Xpark Golf Driving Range

Xpark Sunway Iskandar Golf Driving Range

Note: RM12 for 100 balls. It’s cheap!

10. Indulge In Dim Sum At Bukit Indah

Do try some dim sum while you’re in Bukit Indah area.

Some of the best dim sum in Johor Bahru is here!

Restoran Tasixi Hong Kong Dim Sum

Tasixi Hong Kong Dim Sum often has long queues (and even tour buses) on the weekends all seeking their wonderful dim sum!

In fact, they have a huge selection of dim sum to choose from!

Restoran Tasixi Hong Kong Dim Sum Food

Favour include:

  • Radish Cake
  • Xiao Long Bao
  • Char Siew Bao
  • Sesame Balls
  • Siew Mai


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